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We match mums returning to work with mums who have done it all before.

Completely free.

Mother at work supporting another mother through mentoring after maternity leave Mother at work supporting another mother through mentoring after maternity leave

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How it works

We pride ourselves on matching like-minded mums working in similar professions.

Sign up on our website, and book an intro call with one of our fantastic match coordinators.

We’ll search for the best possible pairing for you. This can take time – it’s a personalised service and we want to get it right.

We put you in touch, and provide you with a log-in to our members-only area, full of useful resources.

Together you take it from there! We recommend 6 sessions over 3-6 months, but it's up to the both of you. Alongside your mentorship, look out for our support circles and live events.


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We make mentoring accessible for all mothers

We are committed to offering our mentor-matching service absolutely for free so that it’s accessible to everyone who needs it. This is only possible thanks to the generosity of hundreds of volunteer mentors, our core volunteer team, and the forward-thinking organisations who employ us for our expertise.


We’re a registered not-for-profit and we run a very lean ship. But donations help us cover insurance, tech costs, and the time we spend reaching out to the groups that need mentoring most.

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Our incredible mentors generously give their time and expertise to other mothers because they wish they’d been mentored when they returned to work. We also have a team of superstar volunteer 'matchers'.

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We can work with your organisation to understand pain-points or gaps in support for returning parents, and help provide the ideas, inspiration, and resources to strengthen what’s offered.

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Your questions answered


Is there a charge for mentors?

Our mentors don’t get paid to give up their time for other mums, so we don’t charge for it either. This is about a community of people supporting each other. If you benefit from your mentoring experience we’d love you to consider ‘paying it forward’ by becoming a mentor to someone else, or submitting a thought piece to our Community.


How long does the mentorship last?

For mentoring to work well, we recommend you engage in one session before returning to work and around six sessions in total. We have some suggested frameworks to guide mentors and mentees through the process. But once you’ve been matched, it’s on your terms - there are of course no limits! Decide what feels right with your mentor/mentee, and remember the golden rule: don’t cancel your chats unless absolutely necessary!


Can I mentor if I've never mentored before?

Absolutely. There’s no right approach to returning to work. This is an opportunity to share your own experience with someone in a similar role, and help flag the things you wish you’d known, or share tips that helped you transition. We’ll be sharing advice on effective mentoring too.


Why isn't the programme open to Dads?

We believe the extended time out of the workplace is the reason returning is hard, and often the mother, who often has to recover from the physical act of birth, plays this role. Happily, more and more often dads are playing this role too, so if dads want to sign up, we’ll try and find mentors (although as this is a less common request we can’t promise we’ll always find someone suitable).


Can Mentor Mums help me get a job?

Unfortunately we’re not able to support people looking for a new role.


How will Mentor Mums benefit me?

If you’re a mentee, you’ll have a trustworthy mentor who will listen and support you as you navigate working alongside parenting.

If you’re a mentor, you’ll be trained and supported in mentoring someone, and will grow and develop your professional skills and confidence.

If you’re an employer, supporting Mentor Mums will help you build a stronger, more resilient and inclusive workplace, and will likely mean better retention of working mums.

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